Give Sustainable Gifts This Christmas

When it comes to Christmas gifts this year, we have a choice of brushes. We can choose to either give sustainable Christmas gifts which are good for the environment, or the typical plastic rubbish. We personally know which of the two we would go for.


This year, when it comes to giving sustainable gifts, it’s really become all the rage with people who want to do something economically and sustainable. Not only can you get a great amount of gift ideas at affordable prices, but because it’s sustainable, you’re actually giving back to the planet at the same time.

Why Go Sustainable?


It’s not exactly difficult to see why going sustainable could be good for you and the environment at the same time. Sustainable gift ideas are everywhere, but they are also exceptionally valuable to the planet because they help to tackle one of the biggest issues of modern Christmas. There are plenty of great gift ideas, but at the same time, lots of them are not good for us. They’re made using single use plastic, or other materials which are environmentally and sustainable to create.


Contrastingly, something like the luxury soaps we sell are great because they come in recyclable packaging and are made with sustainable methods. It is proof that sustainability is possible when it comes to Christmas gifts, and as a UK company, we are right on the doorstep.

Do Ya Bit!


The great thing about sustainable brush Christmas presents is that you’re doing your best to help the environment and you’re getting the chance to give someone a great gift all at once. It really is the best of both worlds.


For example, take our suede crepe brush. It looks fantastic, it’s made from a very attractive beechwood, it’s much more gentle than typical wire alternatives. It won’t damage anything if you use it properly. However, the great thing about it is the fact that it is made to be environmentally friendly.


A lot of what we sell and offer is made to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. There’s also quite a few vegan products too, so anyone who doesn’t want to see any harm come to animals is in good hands with us.


Take our coconut bottle brush with the wooden handle for example. Not only does it look great, but it is totally vegan and plastic-free. We’re not hurting animals or the environment with this one.

Final Thoughts


So, here’s the deal. When we find these amazing brush products to sell to you, we make sure to pick the good stuff. You’re entitled to a bit of brush luxury even if you’re being eco-friendly!


We’d love to see this Christmas be all about sustainable. After all, it’s 2022 - we can buy gifts for people that don’t trash the planet and still look good. We’ve got a great range of stuff that is going to make some great stocking fillers, so come take a look. You’ll be really impressed with what you find - some of these brushes are pretty elusive and quite whimsical.