Brush Information

Designed and developed by Redecker in Germany, quality brush manufacturers since 1935, most of our collection is manufactured at the Redecker workshops, although some items require specialist manufacturing processes in other parts of the world.

With over 80 years experience in brush making, the family owned business continues to work using traditional methods and natural materials sourced from across the globe.

The Brushes

Redecker brushes are made with quality, durability and beauty in mind. When selecting materials, they choose only natural raw materials wherever possible, not due to trend but because it is part of their deeply rooted philosophy to produce only the best.

The brushes are made of domestic woods and bristles, hair or plant fibres. Different materials are used to suit various purposes.

Brush bodies

The handle or body of your brush will be made from either Beech, Ash, Oak, Pear or Olive.

Olive Wood is often used for personal hygiene or cooking utensils due to its natural oils and antibacterial properties.

Animal Hair Bristles

The 'hair' of a pig or boar is called bristles. Bristles are much thicker and harder at the root than at the ends, and so depending on requirement, hard or soft brushes can be made using bristles.

Horse hair has always been significant in brush-making, from fine art to shaving. Strong hairs from the mane and tail are used, for example in broom heads, cobweb brushes and dustpan brushes.

A classic option for shaving brushes is Badger hair as it has a rounded tip, so does not irritate the skin. Its fineness and density create a substantial foam. Only the best quality crest hair from the badger's back is used in our brushes.

The hair of the Chinese Long-Haired Goat is undoubtedly the softest material in our brushes. Its extremely fine and dense hair means it is the best choice for dust brushes, cosmetic brushes and hairbrushes for babies.